Is it Raidon, Raedon, Radan, Radion, Raydon or Radon?

Whether you call it raidon, raedon, radan, radion or raydon…it's radon, a colorless, odorless gas that causes cancer. In some areas of the country people refer to it as raydon gas, others want to do radan testing. People don't know if they're at risk for cancer-causing radon, unless they know their radon level. In order to know your radon level, you must test for radon.

Radon is such a different word, it is commonly misspelled. So if you have used raidon, raedon, radan, radion or raydon in your pursuit of protecting you and your family from the ravages of radon, you're not alone. We've done some research on alternate spellings of radon such as raidon, raedon, radan, radion or raydon, and found that these variations are typically used together with other words such as raydon gas or radan testing. Unquestionably, radon is the correct spelling.

Here's what the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary says about radon:
  • Main Entry: ra·don
    Pronunciation: 'rA-"dän
    Function: noun
    Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, from radium
    : a heavy radioactive gaseous element formed by the decay of radium
Common misspellings of radon: raidon raedon radan radion raydon

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