The Advantages of a Continuous Radon Monitor Test

Radon measurement devices fall broadly into 2 categories; passive or active radon monitors. A passive radon monitor is generally small and light weight and does not require any power to operate. Passive radon monitors also need to be sent away for some sort of laboratory analysis. Some examples of passive monitors are charcoal canisters, electret ion chambers, and alpha track detectors.

A continuous radon monitor (CRM) is an active radon monitor. The CRM is electronic and therefore requires some sort of power to operate. It can get its power either from a standard AC wall outlet or from batteries.

Some of the advantages of doing a continuous radon monitor test are:
  • The continuous radon monitor has the ability to time integrate the radon measurement. Most continuous radon monitors, as a minimum, integrate hourly, but some higher end models can be set to integrate anywhere from 1 minute to 1 week.
  • Some continuous radon monitors have a digital readout that can be set to display the current radon level or the long term average radon level.
  • Many models of continuous radon monitors come equipped with other environmental sensors to simultaneously measure other parameters like; ambient temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity.
  • Most continuous radon monitors have the ability to collect and store their measurement data. This data can then be downloaded and used to generate various reports about the radon measurement. Some disadvantages of a continuous radon monitor are:
  • Most continuous radon monitors require a trained, skilled operator. There are a few lower-end CRM types intended for consumer use. Order a continuous radon monitor.
  • Except for consumer models, continuous radon monitors need to be sent out for regular calibration.
  • Most professional grade continuous radon monitors are fairly expensive (several thousand dollars).

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