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Fixing a Radon Problem

What needs to be done?

If a home's radon level is 4 picocuries per liter or more, the EPA recommends a radon mitigation system (sometimes called radon remediation) to be installed.

A common method utilized to reduce the radon level is a "sub slab depressurization".

In this case, a suction point or points are determined and a pipe is inserted through the concrete slab floor.

This pipe is connected to other PVC piping and a fan is positioned somewhere on the pipe. The fan then draws the radon gas from beneath the home and vents it to the outside.

A radon mitigation system can cost between $1000-$2500.

Choosing a Mitigation Company

A qualified mitigation company is your best choice for installation of a radon mitigation system.

In the state of Pennsylvania, these companies or individuals are certified by the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection).

When choosing a radon mitigation company, you should ask for their state certification number, if they offer free estimates, and a warranty on the system.

Typically, the mitigation company will visit the home to determine the best configuration of the system and the size of the fan for the type of foundation the house is built on. An estimate of cost for a system can then be determined.

After choosing the contractor, plan on 1-2 days for installation.

Choosing a Radon Mitigation Company
See a list of radon mitigation companies here.

Life After Radon Mitigation

It is recommended that a radon mitigation system be tested after installation. A test may be performed after the system has been operational for 24 hours or more.

A short-term test is usually used for the initial test. In some cases, the estimate given by the contractor may include the retest by a professional company or radon test kits.

A follow-up test is suggested every 2 years to monitor the system's continued effectiveness.

Order a post-mitigation test kit.

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