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Radon Deaths per year chart graph Radon is a Cancer Causing, Radioactive Gas
You've probably heard of the deadly radioactive gas called radon. You can't see radon. And you can't smell or taste radon. But radon gas could be a big problem in your home. The fact is radon kills about 21,000 Americans every year (based on EPA's 2003 Risk Assessment). That's more than drunk drivers, house fires or al Qaeda. Home radon is definitely something you need to be concerned about. That's because when you breathe air containing radon, you can get lung cancer. In fact, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Only smoking causes more lung cancer deaths. If you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high.

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So How Does Radon Cause Lung Cancer?
radon lung cancer graphic Because radon is radioactive it gives the lungs a dose of radiation when it is inhaled. Over time, this radiation dose will cause cells in your lungs to mutate into cancerous cells. These cells then grow into a cancerous tumor. Lung cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer since most people aren't diagnosed until it's too late. Your chances of getting lung cancer from radon are based on several things:
  • The average level of radon in your home, and
  • The amount of time you're exposed to radon in your home
  • Whether you smoke or ever smoked
Like other environmental pollutants, there is some uncertainty about the magnitude of radon health risks. However, we know more about radon risks than risks from most other cancer-causing substances. This is because estimates of radon risks are based on studies of cancer in humans (underground miners) in addition to animals. The important thing to remember is that nearly all scientists agree that radon causes lung cancer. The only thing being discussed is just exactly how much radon it takes to cause cancer.

Children have been known to have greater risk than adults for certain types of radiation induced cancer. Although there are currently no "conclusive" data on whether children are at greater risk than adults from radon, it only stands to reason that children's radiation exposure should be kept to a minimum.

Smoking combined with radon is especially dangerous. Stop smoking and lower your radon level to reduce your lung cancer risk. The following chart shows the risk to smokers, non-smokers and the general population based on average radon exposure. Guidelines for most environmental pollutants regulate exposure levels to at least 1 in 1,000,000 deaths. Notice that even at very low exposure levels, radon still kills many more people than one in a million. You need to get your home radon level as low as possible.

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