How to Get an Accurate Radon Level When You Measure Radon in Your Home

With today's modern test kits, it's easy to measure radon in your home and get an accurate radon level. However, to get that accurate radon level you must follow a few simple rules when you measure radon.
  1. To get an accurate radon level when you measure radon, always read and follow the test kit manufacturer's instructions. Pay particular attention to the test kit's exposure time. Some radon kits let you measure radon for as little as 2 days and some can measure radon for up to 1 year. If you expose a 1 year test kit for only 2 days, you will not get an accurate radon level.
  2. Be sure to measure radon in different parts of your home. You would generally expect the radon level in your basement to be higher than the upper floors in your home. You must still however measure radon in all of your homes key living areas. This is because you probably don't spend 100% of your time in the basement. We recommend checking your radon level in upstairs bedrooms and playrooms in addition to measuring your radon level in your basement.
  3. More information means a more informed decision about your radon levels. The more places in your home that you measure radon the more information you will have about your family's radon level exposure. Get as much information as you can about your radon levels before you decide about radon remediation.
  4. If you are planning to measure radon as part of a real estate transaction, you will need to follow some special rules to get an accurate radon level. Be sure to use our model ST-200 radon kit to measure radon when buying or selling a home. You may also want to hire a professional to measure the radon level in the home you are planning to buy.
  5. Don't forget to measure radon in your water. If your water comes from a public or private well, be sure to check the radon level in your water. Use our model WT-100 radon in water test kit.

To get more help choosing the right radon test kits for your home use our Radon Testing Wizard . Or if you know which test you need you can go directly to the order page.

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