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Testing For Radon Gas

For Homeowners

Any homeowner can simply and easily test for radon gas in their home. If you choose, you may also hire a professional company to perform a test for you.

Choosing a Qualified Professional
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You may purchase test kits that give you instructions on where to place the test, under what conditions to test and how to get your results. If this is the first time you are testing your home, a short-term test is a good starting point to determine your radon level. This test lasts 2-7 days.

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More Info on Short Term Radon Test Kits

If you have tested your home before and desire to know your year round average, a long-term test may benefit you. These tests last 91 days to one year.

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More Info on Long Term Radon Test Kits

For Homebuyers

Sometimes in a real estate transaction, you will be given the opportunity to have a radon test done on the home you want to purchase. Because most agreements of sale are time sensitive, a short-term test (2-7 days) is usually preferred. Typically, a qualified professional testing company is hired by the buyer to perform the test on their behalf. Most testing companies can have results in 1-3 business days. A variety of testing methods can be used such as: Charcoal Canisters, Electret Ion (E-perms) chambers and Continuous Radon Monitors.

Selecting a Professional Company
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If a home seller had the home recently tested (within 2 years), be sure that the test was done properly, the device met EPA requirements and the results were analyzed by a reputable laboratory certified in your state. As a potential buyer, you will have to make a decision to accept those results or perform another test.

New Construction

If you are having a home constructed, you may ask your builder to include some radon resistant features in the home. This may include:
  • Gas permeable layer under the slab flooring
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Sealing and caulking
  • Vent pipe
  • Electrical junction box for fan

If your builder has "roughed in" the vent pipe and junction box, a fan and possibly additional piping can be added. The builder or a professional mitigation company can complete the system. It is advisable to test any new home AFTER construction is complete and preferrably after occupation. A home testing 4 picocuries or more should be mitigated.

More info on Radon Resistant Contruction
Radon Mitigation Systems: Click here.
More mitigation companies will be listed here in the near future as well.

Professional Testing Companies

As a homeowner or home buyer, you may opt to have a trained professional test a home for radon levels. These companies must adhere to the state's standards of protocol and practice, and be licensed or certified by the state. It is advisable to contact your state radon office for a current list of certified companies or individuals before choosing one.

State Radon Offices

A professional testing company may offer one or several kinds of testing devices to their clients. They might include charcoal canisters, electret ion chambers, (e-perms), or continuous radon monitors. Prices may vary depending on the device used.

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