Can You Use Home Radon Test Kits to Radon Test a School or Other Large Building?

The U.S. EPA and other major national and international scientific organizations have concluded that radon is a human carcinogen and a serious environmental health problem. Most people know that they need to use home radon test kits to find out if they should lower their home radon exposure. But what about using a home kit radon test in schools and other large buildings?

EPA has conducted extensive research on the presence and measurement of radon in schools. Based on these studies, EPA has recommended that all schools nationwide be home kit radon tested for the presence of radon and to reduce levels below 4 pCi/l.

The detection devices used to test schools are basically the same as home radon test kits. The difference between home kit radon tests and those used for schools and large buildings is the way they are packaged. Home kit radon tests are packaged with individual instructions and data sheets for each home radon test kit. School and large project test kits are generally packaged in bulk trays of 100 each since each classroom must be tested.

Home radon test kits come in a short-term model (ST-100) and a long-term model (AT-100). The short-term home radon test kit has an exposure period of 2 - 5 days. Whereas the long-term home radon test kit can be used for 1 month up to 1 year. These exposure times are of course the same for schools. There are also home radon test kits for soil and for water.

Home radon test kits can also be used for school science projects. Students can use the home radon test kits to check the radon levels of family, friends and neighbors homes. Then they can report the home radon test kit results back to the class.

To get more help choosing the right radon test kits for your home use our Radon Testing Wizard . Or if you know which test you need you can go directly to the order page.

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