What Kind of Radon Monitor Should Your Radon Tester Use?

When hiring a professional radon tester one of the first questions you might ask is "what kind of radon monitor will you be using"? To answer this "radon monitor" question, you first have to find out a few things about your radon tester. You see, indoor air monitors fall into 2 categories.
  1. Passive Air Radon Monitor - If your radon tester will be using a passive radon monitor, then he will be using a device that does not require any power to collect the sample. This kind of monitor is exposed in your home and then sent off to a laboratory for analysis. Some types of radon monitors that your radon tester might use include: Alpha Track radon monitors (like our model AT-100 radon monitor) or charcoal adsorption radon monitors (like the model ST-100 radon monitor).

  2. Active Air Radon Monitor - In a real estate transaction your radon tester will probably use an active monitor. An radon active monitor is a self-analyzing radon test device. It will usually work off of batteries or plug into the wall. This kind of monitor is often called a continuous radon monitor (CRM). Order a continuous radon monitor test.

In addition to checking your indoor air, your radon tester may recommend using a special radon monitor to check your drinking water. This monitor works by taking a sample of water and sending it to the radon tester's laboratory for analysis. You should check your water with a radon monitor for water if you get your drinking water from either a public or private well. Order a WT-100 water radon monitor.

To get more help choosing the right radon test kits for your home use our Radon Testing Wizard . Or if you know which test you need you can go directly to the order page.

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